Peventive dentistry

Prevention is better than cure!

Preventive dental needs vary for every child. These generally consist of feeding, brushing and dietary counseling, fluoride treatments, pit and fissure sealants and regular dental follow-ups. Children start acquiring dental caries at an earlier age due to improper brushing, feeding and dietary practices. We counsel you to modify the schedules as feasible for every child and thereby prevent dental caries.


In India 33-80 % of kids aged 2-5 yrs suffer from a disease called as Early Childhood Caries often referred as ECC which starts off as early as the teeth appear. Breastfeeding, sleeping with a bottle of milk or taking a sippy cup of milk throughout the day or night have an increased incidence of dental caries. Dentician shall counsel you and help you adjust your feeding routines without causing any damage to your child’s teeth.


The active and growing bodies of kids need fueling throughout the day. A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside. Dentician helps you plan tooth friendly snacking and meal options to help your child have a cavity free mouth.

Fluoride Therapy

Fluoride is an important mineral which helps in remineralisation and strengthening of the weak areas of the tooth which are sites for cavity formation. Most of the water in India lacks fluoride, hence it becomes essential to supply fluoride via other sources. An individual fluoride regimen is designed for your child depending on the dental risk he/she carries.

Pit & Fissure Sealants

Newly erupted molar teeth are highly susceptible to decay due to presence of deep grooves and an ongoing process of remineralisation. Also kids are very carefree with their brushing and food habits at that age. Sealants help to seal off the grooves which decrease the chances of food lodgment and makes brushing easier.

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