10 TIPS TO SOOTHE TEETHING PAIN Written By: Dr. Ankita Shah, April 2019

Baby Teething

It’s quite agonizing to see a little one go through the discomfort of getting their first teeth. The teething pain is a nightmare for both the mother and the baby. The thought of sharp teeth cutting through the gums is by itself so disturbing. It is an uncomfortable time for babies with the gums experiencing tenderness and swelling. Drooling, biting, irritability, fussiness, sleeplessness, fever, rashes and diarrhoea are often experienced by teething babies.

How can we help the baby pass through the tumultuous teething phase? I have listed down a few options to soothe your baby’s aching gums.

#1 DIET:

A paleo diet consisting of vegetables and fruits, eggs, pasteurized meat, seafood, healthy fats like coconut, avocado, butter helps to decrease the inflammation and give relief to the swollen gums. One should avoid dairy, refined flour and sugar containing foods.


Scrub your hands clean and then gently rub your baby’s gums. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your child feel comfortable. The pressure from the hand will counter the pressure of the teeth breaking through the gums.


Cold helps to pacify the itching gums. Once your baby starts weaning, you can offer frozen segments of carrots, cucumber or apple under supervision to avoid any choking. It would be wise to use mesh feeders that allow children to gnaw on fruit and vegetable chunks without the fear of choking.


One of the oldest tricks is to use frozen textured washcloth which helps alleviate the itching of the inflamed gums. The texture of the washcloth will additionally offer relief by creating friction as baby nibbles on it.


A variety of natural and organic teething biscuits are available which can be given to the baby to gnaw on.


There is a diverse range of teething toys available in the market to get rid of the teething pain. You should look for safe silicone based teethers which are BPA free and non toxic. Sophie the giraffe is used as a gold standard in teething toys.


Organic or natural products is the new trend amongst mommies. Few mommies make use of an amber bead necklace. The body heat helps the amber to release an oil containing succinic acid which in turn acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Its use is quite debatable. Many parents find this magical, while others are less sure of it.


Teething discomfort also makes some infants lose their appetite. To keep them well-nourished and hydrated, you can let them suckle on frozen milk popsicles (breast milk or formula milk). The cold sensation will help them soothe the inflamed gums and simultaneously keep them nourished.


Always consult your child’s pediatric dentist before giving any tablets. You can rub the gums with numbing gels like Dentogel, Orajel etc to relieve uncontrollable teething pain.


Homeopathy works wonders to soothe teething pain. But always consult a homeopathic doctor before administering any over the counter available products like Dentonic pills, Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets.

“Teething isn’t sickness and it will indeed pass”. Just make sure you comfort your baby with any of the above teething remedies.

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Note : This article was written and published by Dr. Ankita Shah for WorldOfMoms.