The team Dentician is not only committed to providing pediatric and preventive dentistry for infants, toddlers and teens but we also provide an early orthodontics. Our patients enjoy comprehensive dental care and orthodontics all under one roof!

Space Maintainers

These are small appliances which help to maintain space when a milk tooth is lost earlier than its shedding time. This helps to prevent loss of space which may lead to crowding and misalignments.


Dental braces are devices that align and straighten teeth and jaws. Braces can be either cosmetic or structural. Today's orthodontics offer more kinds of braces than ever before.


Dentician offers the following options :



Lingual Orthodontics

Invisble Braces like Invisalign, Flash, I Aligners


Early detection helps eliminate your child's potential bite, speech problems and ability to chew and digest foods properly. An orthodontic evaluation should be as early as 7 yrs of age (The American Association of Orthodontics).



Your child may need orthodontic treatment in case of :

Early or late loss of baby teeth (your child should typically start losing teeth around 6yrs of age)

Thumb sucking

Mouth breathing

Difficulty in chewing

Speech impediments

Forwardly placed teeth

Crowding of teeth

Mouth guards

Mouth guards, are made of soft plastic and are customized to fit the shape of the jaws. They act as shock absorbers and protect the child from any sports related injury to the teeth, lips, cheeks and gums.


Myobrace focuses on correcting the underlying causes for crooked teeth leading to natural growth and development. It can also prevent braces in future. These procedures are best suited for children from 6-7 years through their early teens



Myobrace helps to :

Correct poor oral habits

Develop & align the face and jaws

Straighten the teeth

Improve overall health

Promote healthy eating habits


It is better to start early than to chase cure.


Various habits like thumb sucking, pacifier sucking, bottle feeding, mouth breathing, lip sucking etc can lead to development of crooked teeth in growing children. The common problems that would require immediate attention would be forwardly placed teeth, spacing or overlapping between teeth, short lips, everted lower lips, open mouth posture, crossbites etc. These problems need to be addressed as early as they are noticed. Most of the dental problems can be prevented if reported earlier.


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