4 Reasons Why Yogurt Is A Dental Super Food Written By: Dr. Ankita Shah, April 2020

yogurt and your teeth

Yogurt has been a part of the Indian diet since generations. It is also the most popular food amongst people following a healthy diet. Yogurt is a natural probiotic and has proven to have excellent benefits for the digestive system. Did You Know yogurt is also a dental super food? Check out these 4 reasons how yogurt can help flaunt your pearly whites.

Healthy Gums

Yogurt is a natural probiotic i.e. the good bacteria. Harmful bacteria form plaque on the surface of teeth that eventually forms tartar. Tartar affects the health of gums. A Japanese study proved that the probiotic lactobacilli in yogurt helps to keep the bad bacteria away from the mouth, thereby reducing the risk of any periodontal diseases.

Strong Teeth

Yogurts are rich in calcium which helps in maintaining the strength of teeth. It helps in formation of stronger enamel crystals. It also helps in improving the bone density.

Fights Bad Breath

Yogurts reduce the bad breath producing bacteria in your mouth. The natural probiotics prevent the bacteria from forming hydrogen sulfide which causes bad breath.

Makes The Mouth Less Acidic

Cavity forming bacteria thrive and multiply in an acidic environment. Yogurts neutralize the effect of acids creating a tooth friendly atmosphere in the mouth.


Any addition of sugar is bound to produce acid in your mouth. Non-flavoured Greek yogurts are the most tooth friendly . If you crave for a sweet yogurt, add the natural sweetness of a fresh fruit or use a sugar-free.


Yogurts too have lactic acid but the effect isn’t that bad as sweets or fizzy drinks. It has natural probiotic bacteria like Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria which are called the tooth friendly bacteria. Yogurts also have a lot of other nutritional benefits. They are rick in calcium, low in fat, high in Vitamin B and a rich source of protein. They are also very helpful to maintain a healthy gut.

Yogurts are a fantastic option from satisfying your sweet tooth to maintaining good oral health. This delicious treat can keep your teeth dazzling white and healthy. It’s a great time to hit the yogurt aisle at a store. But don’t forget to brush and floss!

“Make smarter and better choices. Yogurt lovers, Rejoice!”

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