4 WAYS TO EASE YOUR CHILD'S FIRST DENTAL VISIT Written By: Dr. Ankita Shah, February 2019

First Dental Visit

Lets take a walk down the memory lane where your mother would have conditioned you to visit the dentist,"Honey, its going to be okay. There is nothing to be afraid of! The dentist isn't going to give you an injection."

Well, what illusion was framed in your mind? Okay mom that means there is something out there to give me cold feet.

There is always a First Time. It is nothing more than breaking the ice to acclimatize yourself to new environments. What kids need is just a little help, hope and someone who believes in them.

Here are some tips to a pleasant first dental visit. It's as easy as A,B,C.


"Surprise Sweetie! We are at the dentist !!" Needless to say that kid is definitely a bundle of nerves! You need to prepare your child prior to the visit. To alleviate the anxiety all you need to do is read out some motivational books or watch some movies where their favorite character is having a jolly time at the dentist. To name a few books: Curious George Visits The Dentist, What to Expect When You Go To The Dentist, Miss Ladybug's Date With The Dentist: The Dinosaur and Ladybug In Heels, Adora Pet's Pima Puppy And Pico Puppy Visit The Dentist, My Dentist The Superhero. Kids invariably relate to fictional characters. Children are exceptionally great imitators. They would try and replicate the actions and emotions of their favorite characters at the dental clinic.


Make your child comfortable by making a dental visit a play time. Ask your child to open his/her mouth and count their teeth. to make it a fun filled session ask them to count your teeth.


Euphemisms work the best for kids. Do not use words that would create any traumatizing images in your child's head. Avoid words like pain, dont be afraid, drill, injections etc. Keep it short and simple like the dentist is just going to count your teeth. In case of doubt do counsel from your dentist prior to the appointment.


Crying is perfectly normal during the first dental visits. Don't get petrifed and be as supportive as possible. Children are very receptive to any change in mood, tone of voice, expressions and change in body language from parents. You need to remain calm and relaxed. Talk to the dentist prior to your appointments and relieve your fears. You have to be willing to bring about he change. Together we can can achive more.

Whatever method works for your child is the one you should continue to encourage. When kids are overwhelmed by emotions, it is our job to share our calm and not join their chaos.

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